Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our oils undergo rigorous certification and are catagorised based on fruitiness, pungency and bitterness of the oil.

Mild - Fruity, buttery, with hints of banana, passionfruit, green apple, and avocado and little to no bitterness. Perfect for baking, light pan frying, cold soups or use in delicate sauces.

Medium - herbaceous ripe or green fruit flavours, grassy and nutty with a little bitterness and medium peppery or spicy finish. Ideal for pesto, green salads and slow roasted veg and pasta.

Intense - green olive fruit flavours, tomatoes, capsicum and legumes. These oils are sometimes bitter and pungent with finishes of pepper or spice. Complements rustic dishes such as winter soups and stews, or drizzle into a vegetable mash.

2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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